Hot Air Balloons Flights
What can I do?

Most folks love to get involved in the whole adventure and are encouraged to do so.There are lots of "jobs" you can help with if you'd like. There are a lot of opportunities to take photos, and many of our passengers like to photograph each other "helping out" with launching or packing up.  And of course we will be photographing your flight from beginning to end!

How long does the flight last?

The actual flight lasts about one hour, (between 45 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes, depending on winds and available landing spots.) The whole experience lasts approximately 2 ½-3 hours. It includes your arrival at the airport, signing in, going out to the launch field, inflating the envelope, and boarding the balloon. After landing and packing up the balloon, everyone rides back to the airport in the chase vehicle. Your party is presented with a bottle of Champagne and a Certificate of Ascension, your photos are streamed to Facebook for you (you don't need a Facebook account), then a CD of all your photos in full resolution will be sent to you.

What should I wear?

The ballooning adventure is similar to other outdoor sporting activities. Common sense should prevail in choosing your clothing when taking a balloon flight. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes are very important, as are trousers as opposed to shorts or skirts. On morning flights, be aware that the grass is often covered with dew, so waterproof footwear will keep your feet dry. Other than that, a shirt or outer jacket and gloves in cooler weather and a hat are smart choices.  Note: for taller individuals, a cap may be comfortable to shield the top of the head from the warmth generated by the propane burner used to heat the air in the envelope.

How does the pilot steer the balloon?

The wind currents change speed and direction at different altitudes. As the balloon ascends, the pilot becomes aware of the changes and can use the wind to "steer" the balloon. Part of the fun and adventure of ballooning is in not knowing exactly where you will be going or where you will land!

How high will we be?

We usually fly between 500 and 2500 feet. Different altitudes give you different perspectives. It's fun to be able to see New York, Philadelphia, the reservoirs and the Delaware River, and then come down to the lower altitudes and float above the trees.




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