Transform a Life-Don't Just Give a Gift!

“I can still feel the initial lift. Not totally unpleasant, but certainly not thrilling for me. The ground was suddenly 20-30-50-100-500 feet below us. And I was hooked. I became one with the gorgeous landscape. I was a bird, watching the treetops sway beneath me, not even feeling a breeze, just dreamlike movement over the earth, not afraid, but powerful and entranced. This was ballooning??? What took me so long??? When I need a mental lift, I imagine that feeling of power and freedom of my first balloon flight.”

This was my experience. It has also been the experience of thousands of first-time balloon passengers over the last twenty-five years. I know, because I asked them. I wouldn’t have thought to arbitrarily take a balloon flight. It was definitely out of my wheelhouse. But since my husband was a balloon pilot and I was brought into that community, I found myself in the basket. And I’m eternally grateful for that experience.

Giving the gift of a Champagne hot air balloon flight, to someone who has always wanted to do it, or to someone who has never even considered doing it, is a way to transform a life in the best possible way.

It’s a way to become that special person who always knows just what to get.

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